Monday, April 21, 2014

Ryo's Noodles, Crows Nest

Knowing how popular Ryo's Noodles is, Bernard and I made sure that we got there as soon as they opened in order to avoid the line. We even felt a little proud of ourselves when we arrived and realised that no one was waiting outside. However, peeking through the front window, we saw that people were already digging into their bowls of noodles- good thing that there were still some free tables inside. You'll be rewarded with what some say is the best ramen in Sydney when you enter through the front door after going past the door curtains that I managed to clumsily tangle myself in- I know what you're thinking; stop judging me pls :]

The inside of Ryo's is rather cute, and we thought it looked like a small house that had been converted into an eating area. There are strips of paper on the walls that show the menu in Japanese (moments like this where I wish I knew Jap), as well as an old school TV in the corner. On a side note, one of the rooms that I have my uni tutorials in has exactly the same yellow coloured wall, so now I only think about ramen during that class :D

Both of us went with the tonkotsu (pork soup base) for our ramens. Here we have the Ramen in spicy hot flavoured soup with roast pork, egg, and shallots ($13.50). See if you can manage to avoid coughing after drinking your first spoonful of this fiery but yummy soup!

This is the Ramen in soy sauce flavoured soup with roast pork, nori, egg, and shallots ($13.50). The noodles were done just right and were perfectly firm, the soup was bursting with flavour, and the pork slices LITERALLY melted in my mouth!!

It's always necessary to get some Fried Chicken ($8) to eat along with your ramen, because you know, TREAT YO SELF! Sorry about the Parks and Rec references, I couldn't help myself.

Our food came out a few minutes after we ordered it, and it was super hot as well. I also managed to get some ramen soup on the lens of my camera, but I guess that's just a sign of how good the food is if my camera wants a taste of it too XD