Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hakata-Maru Ramen, Haymarket

The other night, I had a dream that we were going to a restaurant. That's pretty normal I hear you say. Except for three factors. Firstly, I drove there (which is rather unlikely in real life), secondly, I found a parking spot with a sign saying the space was for manual cars only (even more unlikely), and thirdly, I managed to perfectly parallel park the car (extremely unlikely).

Something that's much more likely to happen is me suggesting yet another ramen place for lunch. Whenever I eat ramen, I mostly go for the one that has garlic in it unless it's not offered on the menu. As a result of this strange and restrictive habit, I had this bowl of Black Tonkotsu ($9.80). Ignoring the camera shy egg that refused to come to the surface, the roasted garlic flakes were great, and while the size of a bowl of ramen here is a tad smaller than other places, everything tasted really good. Of course, if you're craving for more carbs then you can always get an extra serving of noodles for $1, which is an absolute bargain.

And if you're wondering about my little parking dream, I left the car in the spot for the whole time even though my car wasn't a manual, because I live life on the wild side, in my dreams.