Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ippudo Sydney, Sydney

Dad wanted to have ramen for dinner one night, so off we went to Ippudo. As expected, there was a line, and since we went on a Sunday, the kitchen would close at 8pm. Not wanting to miss out on the pork buns, we first sat at the bar to eat those. Except, after a few minutes, there was a table available so we got to eat our 'appetisers' at the table instead! Everyone here was sooo nice, and they helped us carry our plates and chopsticks as well.

Here are the Ippudo Pork Buns ($4 each), which are a must order.

Also got the Ippudo Gyoza ($6) to share. Since there were 5 of these yummy things on the plate, we had a bit of an awks moment when we've all eaten one and started looking at each other to see who would get to have the last one :D

Mum had the Shiromaru Chashu ($20) with Nitamago ($2).

Dad had the Shiromaru Tamago ($17). I think it's sorta cute how my parents both went for the same soup base.

Although, I must point out that my sister and I did the same thing too, and that's not cute, that's just me being unadventurous with my ramen choice. She had the Akamaru Chashu ($20) with Onsen Tamago ($2). You can see the egg hiding under the handle of the spoon.

Here's my Akamaru Chashu ($20), because we all love repetition.

I have to say that I really do enjoy trying ramen places because each bowl of noodles is a bit different in how they taste. I can definitely see why Ippudo is so popular though, especially since the food is so nice!

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