Sunday, November 17, 2013

Chanoma Cafe, Sydney

I clearly remember that when Chanoma Cafe first opened, there were so many posts from other blogs about this place that I honestly felt like I had eaten here already after seeing all the photos. I finally managed to give Chanoma Cafe a visit recently- convinced William to come along even though both of us had a finance test the next day. Located in Regent Place (or what many like to call the Japanese alleyway), this was the perfect place for a quick lunch of Japanese hot dogs. 

William goes for the Teriyaki Chicken Dog ($5.50). With teriyaki chicken breast, avocado and wasabi mayo, this thing looked like an abstract artwork with all that yummy looking sauce on top. I got the Tonkastu Dog ($6.20), because when I saw the words 'deep fried Slovenia kransky', I just couldn't resist. We also got Shaked Chips- Chilli & Garlic ($4.40) to share. Reminds me of the Shake Shake fries that you used to get at Maccas in Asia :D

Nearly forgot to mention that they have this buzzer thing that they give you when you order your food so you know when to collect it (well, at least I assume that's how it works). However, when we went it wasn't that busy, so the guy bought the food out to us. That's so nice right?!? Anyway, can't wait to try their massive range of matcha desserts and all the other places in Regent Place next time!

UPDATE: Came back with my sister and tried a matcha drink and some other goodies!

Matcha Shiratama Float- Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Soft Ice-Cream and 3 pieces of Rice Cake ($6.90).

The cold Homemade Lemonade ($4.50) is refreshingly nice in the summer heat.

Although regardless of the weather, there's always a need for Teriyaki Shaked Chips ($4.40).