Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gumshara Ramen, Haymarket

GUMSHARA. I was tempted to just type 'Gumshara' and leave it at that for this 'paragraph', because even the whisper of that word would make someone think of only one thing- their characteristically thick, gravy like soup. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it now...

The food court that Gumshara hides in might not be the prettiest or most luxurious (ahem Westfield Sydney...) but it sure does house a lot of interesting places- LIKE GUMSHARA hahaha. Ok that wasn't funny at all... Anyway, continuing on with my rather unfortunate habit of trying out places a whole century after they have opened, Nick and I had lunch at this perennially popular ramen joint. While we were waiting for our food, we noticed what some bloggers have mentioned: the chef grabs a spoon, taste tests the bowl of ramen, and then chucks out the spoon before repeating the process with the next bowl. Except imagine him doing this 100 times faster because he has the skills :D I'm pretty sure the chef would get quite full from taste testing each bowl considering how popular this place is! How awesome would it be if your job was being Gumshara's taste tester?

Nick had the Miso Ramen Noodle ($12).

While I went with the BBQ Pork Ramen Noodle ($14).

Defeated by the awesomely thick soup :'(

On the massive menu at the shop front, they mention that only pork bones and water are used for their soup, which contributes to its richness while also giving you heaps of collagen (essential to maintain smooth skin they say) when you drink the yummy 'gravy'. I want to come back as soon as possible to try the Garlic Tonkotsu and ummm basically everything else because I love the ramen here so much- and of course, I want to make my skin smoother XD

UPDATE: Came back with Cassie to try the one and only.....

 Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle ($11.50) with a pillowy soft egg ($1.50). Managed to finish the soup this time :D

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hareubang Firewood BBQ / KyoChon Chicken, Eastwood

A few weeks ago at work, one of the students in my class asked me if I was Korean, to which the guy sitting next to her immediately says 'No, he's Japanese!'. For the record, I'm Chinese, but does that mean I could be a potential K-Pop star? Hahaha just kidding.

We came to Hareubang Firewood BBQ / Kyochon Chicken to celebrate my aunt's birthday (happy birthday!). Since we're sorta on the topic of K-Pop, they played SISTAR songs during the night!

As you can see, they're really quite generous with the side dishes (which were all rather yummy in case you're wondering), but I ummm got a bit crazy when I saw that pile of onions (some of you may know that I LOVE onions and garlic- hmmmm I wonder why no one ever wants to talk to me?!) So anyway, my first reaction when I saw the plate of onions was GET IN MY TUMMY!! But an over enthusiastic mouthful of this led to watery eyes and burning nasal passageways because oh my glob they were sooo spicy. I liked it though, and continued hoarding all of the onions on the table throughout the evening...

This wooden platter held slices of wagyu and duck and umm maybe pork. I think. Memory is failing, my bad.

Duck and tongue and onion. Look at that ribbon of fat around the duck, so soft and squishy!

Noodles, sausages, carrots, cheese, and saving the best to last, SPAM!! It was funny how everyone was like 'it's instant noodles', but it somehow always tastes better when you eat it outside the comfort of home.

And to top off all that food, a plate of beautifully golden fried chicken is ordered to satisfy our fried food cravings. Imagine if this came in a bottomless bucket!

Table space is at a premium here as everything comes out in a very efficient manner.

They have buzzers at the edge of the tables so you can get their attention easily if you need something; although it's important to make sure that objects aren't accidentally placed on the buzzer, because you know, things like that can happen easily and it's kinda hard to think of something to say when the waiter comes to the table XD Anyway, food was great, and I want to try their hot pot next time because the poster on the wall made it look very nice indeed!