Sunday, September 29, 2013

Adriano Zumbo's Orange Flourless Cake

I 'made' this cake for mum's birthday- inverted commas because I cheated by using this packet mix (which was given to me by my aunty- thank you so much!)

'It's Adriano Zumbo packet mix and that makes it magical' I hear you say. Well, it definitely required a lot more effort to make in comparison to my favourite sultana cake packet mix XD The box said that all the prep could be done in 25 minutes, but I managed to stretch that time to over 1 hour- it took me ages to juice, and get the rind off those oranges; I guess I'm way too slow to go on a cooking show lol. On a side note, I enjoyed eating the leftover orange pulps.

This is the finished product after the glaze has been put on (with the orange jelly pieces arranged on top). I strongly suggest checking out the video online (link can be found on the box) that tells you how to cut the jelly pieces; I regrettably did not do that and ended up with a rather messy arrangement. Don't let my awful presentation put you off making this cake though, because even though it took quite a while to make (again, my fault), it was reasonably fun!