Sunday, August 25, 2013

Toongabbie Kebab & Pizza, Toongabbie

B.O.B gathered in the uni semester break for our 'Tournament of Life', where all was going well until we realised that it was time for lunch. You see, I'm sure we all love to drive, but when it came to nominating someone to drive out and get food for 10+ hungry people, nobody was particularly keen. After minutes of everybody shouting 'shotty not', I lost a game of scissors paper rock and ended up being the driver...

Anyway, the staple food for any large group has to be pizza, so Sidney leads the way to Toongabbie Kebab & Pizza.

We went with family sized vegetarian, meat lovers, and chicken lovers pizzas that day.

The fail blogger in me forgot to take a photo of the chips, which were dusted in a delicious coating of chicken salt. We also got two roast chickens from another shop, but the photo for that was really bad so I thought I shouldn't upload it... Anyway, it was nice catching up with everyone again!