Friday, March 29, 2013

Tastebuds @ Hills, Terrey Hills

We were greeted with a massive crowd at the cafe when we arrived on a lazy weekend morning; my eyes were constantly scanning for an empty table among the sea of people as we drove past the cafe trying to find a parking spot. Luckily, since you order and pay at the counter before sitting down, we managed to get a table. There's a flower market next to the cafe, and the feeling of 'nature' from all the roses and plants provides a relaxed, outdoor-sy type of atmosphere.

There's seating both indoors and outdoors, and I managed to get a photo of the couch area when no one was sitting there (it was occupied shortly after though). We got a table indoors that was right next the counter where they make all the smoothies!

A piccolo to start off.

Woombye smoothie. They put just the right amount of mint in this sweet and slightly sour smoothie. I highly recommend getting this, as it's refreshing to drink on the warm days that we've been having.

Bernard had the Pesto Mushroom, which came in a massive serving of tasty mushrooms and runny eggs.

Patty joins us during her break and had the Mediterranean chicken burger. 

HI there!

I had the Baked eggs, which are served in a skillet from the oven. There's a range of choices you can have with the eggs, such as mushrooms, ricotta, and the like, but I went with the chorizo sausage, Spanish onions, baby spinach and roasted tomatoes. Umm, and with some ricotta because some people like cheese :) The baked eggs also come with toasted sourdough bread.

Like I mentioned at the start, the cafe gets really busy during the peak hours, so, if you have the magical power to wake up early, I suggest you come early in the morning for a nice, serene meal with all the flowers haha. Otherwise, come during the popular times and enjoy your breakfast or lunch with the locals. Have a safe and relaxing Easter break everybody!

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