Monday, February 4, 2013

Yue Kee Restaurant, Sham Tseng (HK)

After talking with the friendly lady at the counter, (who was monitoring the tickets and tables), we were told it was the restaurant's last night of business for a few weeks, because they would be doing renovations! We were quite happy that we gave this place a visit just in time, but coming on the night before a restaurant temporarily closes has its disadvantages; a few things on the menu were sold out, so we ended up ordering one of their set menus. Like many restaurants in Hong Kong, there was a massive group of people waiting for a table (again), but the interesting thing was that the restaurant faces a very narrow road (which people stood on whilst waiting for their ticket number to be called out), and there would occasionally be cars driving through; so please do be careful when you are waiting for your table!

When you come to Yue Kee, you have to try their Roast Goose. The meat is tender and moist, while the skin is rather crispy.

Dried Scallop Soup. 

Dried Mushrooms with Goose Feet. Perhaps this is for the more adventurous eaters...

Prawns with Broccoli. The prawns were big and super juicy, (and they removed the intestinal tract!), whilst the broccoli had a really nice garlic aroma to it.

Steamed Fish.

Overall, quite a nice meal; you would definitely come here for the food. Do tell me if you give this place a visit, I want to know about your thoughts on their roasted goose, as well as how the place looks after the renovation!

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