Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hyatt Regency Buffet, Sha Tin (HK)

On the night before we went to Japan, we had the buffet dinner at Hyatt Regency; we had to try a buffet in Hong Kong! A few of our Hong Kong friends had good things to say about the buffet here, so we definitely had to try it. We actually walked past it everyday (it's right before the lifts) and peered in each time, drooling over the beautiful presentation of the food. Also, it was on this night that we also saw Hong Kong celebrities Sammo Hung and Janet Chow, who were dining in a private room with their celebrity friends :)


A variety of meat prepared Chinese style, as well as some more Asian food on the side, such as fried noodles.

The Japanese counter, with sushi, sashimi and cold soba noodles!

Desserts. The macaron towers looks amazing right?

And more desserts. I can definitely say that it was hard to leave the deserts until the end to eat.

Cheese platter.

The Hyatt Regency Specialty: the apple pie (more on that later). The Portuguese Tarts were really good, and were one of the best I've had.

SO.... MUCH.... CAKE!!!

Creamy, chocolate desserts.

 Quite a large variety of flavours, they also scoop the ice cream for you, just tell them which flavour(s) you want!

So those were the photos of the buffet itself, but now I'll show you the things I took, considering the photos above didn't capture everything available. I find that at the beginning of buffet's, I basically get really excited and take the things I want without thinking  about whether they go together taste wise and put them on my plate, as you can see in some of the following photos.

I could not wait any longer for the desserts, and took a Portuguese tart halfway through my dinner. The octopus and the fish on this plate was also very good; the almond flakes and the slightly cheesy sauce baked on top of it was a subtle but worthy addition to the fish.

Prawn pasta, and assorted meats (the chunk of beef on the left was from a very delicious salad).

Soba noodles, salmon, lamb, and a scallop covered with a creamy cheese sauce.

Macaron flavours on offer that night included: lemon, passion fruit, chocolate and hazelnut. My favourite was definitely the chocolate one. On the right is the pistachio cake and the apple pie. Both were good, but I still liked the Portuguese tart the best.

Cassie thought that this was cute, and wanted to take it home as a pet, but we were at a buffet, so... we ate it XD

More desserts!

 A prawn and a brownie. The brownie was definitely the chewy type and was quite rich, so it was a good thing that it was cut into such a small cube.

 Cassie goes for the Strawberry and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. 


Crab with a dollop of the most deliciously creamy garlic aioli I have ever had in my life.

The buffet itself was really good, and all the food I took was great. Yes the price may be a bit steep, but the place definitely has the right atmosphere if you're here for a special occasion.  


Cal W. said...

Now that how to do a buffet. America needs to take note. Golden Corral, pfffft whatever. I'd love just to eat a place like this just once.

Fried Food Fanatic said...

It was definitely a very good buffet, if only I had more space in my stomach!