Monday, February 11, 2013

Douraku, Ginza (JP)

As the snow started to clear, we headed off to Ginza after we carefully investigated the required changes in subways to make it there. It's really nice how all the stops have their names in Japanese, English, as well as an alphabet/number linked to each one e.g. Y19. Anyone notice the Toyota Prius passing by?

After wandering around the area and staring at awe at the high class shops which lined the street, we accidentally entered a business building, and found this Japanese eatery, amongst other restaurants. It was a good thing that we ate here earlier, otherwise, we would not have gotten a table, because the place began to fill up with many business people when we left. At Douraku, you order and pay before you sit down, something which we did not know. We ended up sitting down at the table first before being politely told by the waitress that we were meant to pay first haha. Also, for anyone that reads/watches Fairy Tail, the waitress who greeted us and brought us all the food looked and talked like Erza!

Chashu Ramen with miso soup. There were 3 egg halves in this, in addition to a generous serving of radish and seaweed.

This looks quite similar to the bowl in the first picture, but this included extras such as minced meat, carrots, bean sprouts.

Karaage Chicken Ramen. This was perfect, the tasty chicken maintained it's crunch even though it was submerged into the super delicious soup, the ramen was perfect in texture, and did I mention how good the soup was? This was the shoyu soup (soy sauce), and yep you guessed it, I drank all of it! 

This restaurant was definitely one of those places where you would think 'I wish they had a place like this back at home!' It's easy to see why so many people came here for lunch, the food was simply perfect, and you get a massive bowl of ramen for the price you pay.

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