Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Dinner

Yes, I know this is late, but bear with me, I'm publishing posts as quick as I can! So on Christmas, the extended family had a massive feast, where everyone brought something along to eat. There was not really a set time when everyone sat down to eat; food was being prepared non stop so whenever you walked to the table, there would always be something to put into your mouth!

Lobster Soup- this was so good, especially with the tomatoes!

Smoked salmon and pate.

Asian Curry Pot with fishballs, fried bean curd and vegetables.

Chorizo sausages and Cherries. Basically, we were playing Mario Party on N64 (super fun!), and then someone said that there was food on the table! We basically migrated over to the table and this was finished super quickly.

Spring Rolls.

Curry Puffs- I ate at least 8 of these, along with too many spring rolls :)

Christmas Ham. On a side note, eating cold, left over ham from the fridge by itself is extremely delicious.


Home made Sushi.



Potato Salad.

Lobster Salad.

Lemon Curd Cheescake.

Cathedral Gelatine- I love eating this, I'll make sure I have a go at making this.

This was the pudding that took a very long time to cook, so everyone was eager to see what it would look and taste like. When Andrew cut the pudding open, everyone was literally silent when we saw what it looked like inside, before Uncle K says 'wow, that's so ugly!' After everyone literally LOL'd, I can assure you that the pudding tastes a bit better than it looks :)

It was a really fun day/night, with, as you can see, quite a lot of food- I'm not complaining :) Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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